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We have planted
450 thousand trees

We have planted
450 thousand trees

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Tree planting

Apart from investments in modern technologies, one of the major projects aimed at minimizing the negative environmental impact involves tree planting in the vicinity of the steel plants. Forests and trees are extremely important as they are the best alternative for farming land where agricultural activity is not recommended; they function as the so-called "biological filter", protect against noise and improve the microclimate.
In recent years we have planted about 450 thousand trees as part of the so-called “Green Revolution”.

Eco-month at ArcelorMittal Poland

An eco-month has been organised at ArcelorMittal Poland since 2010. Its aim is to promote and encourage the employees to adopt pro-ecological behaviour, both at work and at home. We have distributed a green decalogue describing eco-behaviour at work, as well as special stickers reminding the employees to turn off the light and print double-sided. We encourage our employees to take part in competitions for the best photo promoting eco-lifestyle or to share their advice on environmental protection in our corporate magazine. We know that creating a company committed to sustainable growth is only possibly with ecologically aware employees.

Electro-waste and battery collection

In June and September, as a part of the Clean Up the World campaign, we organized the collection of electro-waste for our employees and local residents. A considerable number of people took the opportunity to get rid of electro-waste free of charge. During the first collection which lasted just one day, we managed to collect as much as 6 tonnes of electro-waste and 100 kilos of used-up batteries! The second collection was a response to the social interest and proved to be a success as well. To encourage people to dispose of electro-waste we provided small prizes such as flower seedlings and eco-bags. The collection of electro-waste was not only a spontaneous initiative, it was also an information campaign focusing on the obligations to be fulfilled by owners of electro-waste, its harmfulness and consequences of incorrect disposal. 

Toner collection

In April 2010, as a part of the Eco-friendly Office campaign, we organized the collection of used-up toners. The motto for the campaign was "Exchange a toner for a dinner". Employees had an opportunity to bring used-up toners to designated locations in the Company Units, the toners were then handed over to a specialist company. Funds collected were transferred to the account of the Polish Humanitarian Action.