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Health and safety

Health and Safety at ArcelorMittal Poland

„Health and Safety are the crucial values for ArcelorMittal. Therefore we set a goal to fully reduce a number of accidents in our plants. We truly believe that it is feasible to eliminate and prevent accidents and occupational diseases (..)”

Lakshmi Mittal

Health and Safety is ArcelorMittal’s absolute priority. A strong safety culture is instilled at every level and is supported by a robust set of safety standards and a system of monitoring working conditions improvement.
The Group Health and Safety Policy states the commitment ArcelorMittal has made to the Health and Safety of all employees, both on and off the job. We are fully committed to realize our vision to be the safest steel company in the world. Our goal is “0” accidents. In order to achieve it:

  • We launched a system of monitoring and improving work conditions
  • We made the investments in modernizing the production machines
  • We constantly build awareness among the employees of the appropriate and safe behavior at work
  • On a regular basis we conduct behaviour audits and inspections
  • We strictly adhere to the requirements concerning PPE and procedures
  • We conduct informational campaigns

Health and Safety Day at ArcelorMittal

On March 6th 2007, all the Group’s entities worldwide, organized the first ”Health and Safety Day at ArcelorMittal”. From this time we conduct such action every spring in each division of our company in over 60 countries.
The idea is to make employees aware of the guidelines of safe work and to promote preventive health care.
On the agenda of the Health and Safety Day you will not find official ceremonies. The entire programme is realized in the plants, where we arrange trainings, contests concerning improving working conditions, practical exercises on putting out fire and first aid actions.

But the most important message of this day is “safety is our priority”.

ArcelorMittal group’s Health and Safety Day is not a one day initiative. We put it into practice every day. Continuous consciousness management, reminding our employees of safety procedures, supported by investments, contributing, among others, also to safety improvements, have already brought tangible effects – our accident frequency rate has gone down significantly.

Reducing accident frequency rate

From one year to another we reduce accident frequency rate. This has been possible to a great extent due to safety consciousness management programme, as well as promoting best practices among employees. We continually work on modifications of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), inspired by comments and remarks from employees, who are much more aware of the necessity to use PPE than ever before .

We also pay great attention to various health actions: vaccinations, healthy lifestyle campaigns and free medical examinations. We want our employees to enjoy good health and wellbeing both at home and at work.