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A roof longer than a generation

A roof longer than a generation

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New!! Granite® Storm

Granite® Storm is a pre-painted steel for roofing applications offering extended durability, a matt finish and exceptional formability: all in one product

On February 2014, ArcelorMittal Flat Carbon Europe announces the launch of Granite® Storm, the solution for a roof for longer than one generation.

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Granite® Storm
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What is Granite® Storm?

Granite® Storm is a prepainted steel that his particularly specified for roofs where aesthetics and durability are key assets.

It is an ideal alternative to the traditional tiled roof, as it offers the highest levels of robustness.

This unparalled performance is made possible by the combination of a thick and flexible organic coating combined with an optimised metallic steel substrate.

Granite® Storm properties

Long life time, up to 40 year guarantee

  • Granite® Storm has been thoroughly tested in laboratories, and external marine environments before being brought to market.
  • The successful performance of the product in harsh environments allows ArcelorMittal to offer a guarantee of up to 40 years, on Z275 g/m2 substrate or equivalent, against perforation of the metallic substrate.

Excellent formability

  • Formability is a key requirement for roofing tiles. Granite® Storm, with its highly flexible coating, allows forming to create both new designs and traditional looks. The paint system remains robust even after forming. Non-peeling of the paint film is guaranteed.
  • ArcelorMittal R&D has tested Granite® Storm’s processing behaviour on real tools, with the most severe radius shapes to be certain of these high perfomance levels.

Deeply textured matt finish and extensive colour range

  • ArcelorMittal’s Granite® Storm range of coated steels is available in textured colours. The wide colour palette matches the aesthetics seen on traditional roofs, and harmonises with urban or rural environments. Further colours are available upon request.

Unmatched UV resistance

  • Granite® Storm’s high performing paint system provides an exceptional level of UV resistance (RUV4 category). This unmatched performance for matt colours gives the roof the colour stability over time it needs.
  • Granite® Storm is produced at a number of European sites and well adapted for use in all European climates.
  • Thanks to Granite® Storm, roofs can be built to last for more than a generation, and are able to resist whatever nature throw at them.

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